Sennheiser HD 428 Review

By Andy Bryant

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Review Of The Sennheiser HD 428 Headphones

For our Sennheiser HD 428 review we took a closer look at this more affordable model from the manufacturer who brought us such gems as the HD 700 and HD 800, some of the best headphones in the field. Audiophiles will be intimately familiar with the Sennheiser brand, as they have a 60 year history of providing high quality cans and accessories.

Sennheiser HD428 Review

The high-end Sennheiser models get most of the attention, and some consumers are not even aware of models like the HD 428 that fall in the under $100 price range. Other Sennheiser models in their mid-level series include the:

  • HD 418
  • HD 438
  • HD 448

The HD428 comes with a stylish appearance, a comfortable fit and impressive bass driven sound, all at the easy-on-the-wallet price of $79.99. We’ve spent hours testing these cans in every way we could think of, and below we’ll share what we’ve learned.


The HD428 headphones are circumaural, closed back headphones designed to shield the ear from external noise. Circumaural refers to the design of the earcups, which fit around the ear rather than sitting on top of it. According to Sennheiser, the HD428 can reduce 32 dB of eternal noise.

The HD428 is a lightweight headphone at only 13 ounces, making it suitable for marathon listening sessions of several hours or more. The appearance is understated, clad in soft touch rubber and smooth black plastics. The headband and earcups are covered in plush padding.

Sennheiser 428 Headphones


  • 18-22000 hz frequency response
  • 100dB sound pressure level
  • 32 Ω impedance
  • <0.1% total harmonic distortion:
  • Circumaural ear coupling
  • Dynamic, closed transducer principle
  • 1.4m single sided cable length
  • Weight with cable: 208 g

Sound Quality

Our initial impression was that these cans produced a very analytical sound signature. The detail and nuance of the sound was quite impressive. The highs and lows were balanced, which allowed the mid frequencies and vocals to shine. We can’t say the bass is powerful, but it is quite punchy, even if it lacks a bit of low end authority. We were particularly impressed with the highs, which are quite clear and blend nicely with the vocals at all volume levels.

The HD428s do a great job of accurately reproducing the source audio without overstated highs or artificial bass, something we really appreciate in a set of cans that cost less than $100.

We put the Sennheiser HD428 headphones through a 24-hour burn in period to see if they would open up a bit more, which did expand the soundstage and enhance the bass a bit. We’re not talking about mind blowing bass here, but it is quite focused and punchy.

Overall we found the HD428′s sound quality to be lithe, dynamic, nuanced and fairly neutral with solid bass. When compared to other circumaural headphones the voice of the HD428s is quite lean, and not nearly as dampened as other models. The only downside to this is that the airy, nuanced sound can come across and being a bit thin, particularly at higher volume levels.

We felt that the fit was quite comfortable, but not quite snug enough to eliminate external noise to a considerable degree. This, of course, is only an issue if you plan on listening to your music in loud environments, and we found it to be rather irrelevant in this price range. We do agree that in terms of long term comfort the HD428s really shine thanks to the well padded earcups and lightweight construction. They are the type of cans that you can forget you have on once you’ve been listening for a while.

HD 428 Sennheiser Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD428 Headphones High Points

The things about the HD428s that really stood out for us are the balanced, nuanced sound, the accuracy of the bass and highs, the ultra-comfortable and lightweight design, and the incredible value they offer at only $79.99. If they are lacking in any way it would be in richness of sound and powerful bass, but when put up against comparatively priced models they come out ahead on the majority of features.

In conclusion of our Sennheiser HD 428 review we can say that these cans are quite impressive for their modest price, and are certainly worthy of the Sennheiser name.

From what I’ve seen so far, seems to offer the most competitive price of the Sennheiser HD 428 headphones. I’ve been a happy customer of them for their great customer service, and fast delivery.

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